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Spec-Cal® Eclipse II - Multi Function Process Calibrator

Haven’s Multi Function Process Calibrator, the Spec-Cal® Eclipse II, measures and simulates 12 different thermocouple types and 7 different RTD types to any of four selectable international standards (BS, JIS, DIN & ANSI).

The Spec-Cal Eclipse II Multi Function Process Calibrator can also simultaneously measure and generate mV, mA, volts or ohms.
** Please see note below 

The hand-held, battery powered Spec-Cal® Eclipse II Multi Function Process Calibrator is protected by a tough, EMC shielded, aluminium case with a durable, splash-proof, polycarbonate keypad which has excellent tactile and audible feedback, a high contrast super twist LCD display and switchable backlight. With the option of operating in 5 different selectable languages, the Spec-Cal Eclipse II Multi Function Process Calibrator is also available as a panel mounted version which is mains powered, with a permanently backlit display. This is ideal for inclusion into a Calibration Test Bench.


  • Accuracy 0.007% of reading.
  • UKAS Calibration Certificate included (recognised to ISO/IEC 17025:2005)
  • Simultaneous measurement and generation of mV, mA, V and ohms.
  • Measures and simulates 12 different thermocouple types and 7 RTD signals to selectable international standards (BS/JIS/DIN/ANSI).
  • Unique RTD emulation capability - precision RTD simulation whether used with DC, AC or pulsed waveform excitation currents.
  • Automatic remote cold junction compensation.
  • Multi-lingual - operates in 5 different selectable languages.
  • Integral 24V DC supply.
  • Portable and Panel Mounted versions are available
** Please note that the Spec Link Software & Multical Pressure measurement adapter advertised in the current datasheet have both been discontinued. We are in the process of updating the datasheet.